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my  SDR  qrp  FA-Line

10W all band transceiver



The FA Line includes 3 boxes : the SV1EIA usb sound card USB2SDR, a special card made to optimize SDR performances, the FA-SDR rf hardware and a 10W amplifier qrp pa2008 with its filters.

As a computer, I now use a "all in one" small Shuttle X50 with an Atom 550 CPU, without fan, low power, and insensitive to the HF.  SV1EIA has built the right installation procedure to use Power-SDR-IQ_USB2SDR  on this CPU -ask him on the yahoo group for the latest release- (std usb2sdr download page for W7) Instructions from wb5rvz here.

The only difficulty with that kind of setup is to find the right adjustment for a nice modulation. The low performance of the atom cpu makes the audio treatment really poor and probably introduces some distorsion and noise...nothing is perfect, and I am not interested in high fidelity audio as a lot of ham radio likes to do now....



the USB2SDR card is installed inside a Teko Tekam 33.9 aluminium box ( this box accepts a 102 mm wide pcb ) (ordered from Electronic diffusion in France)

At the back are the I/Q in and out cables and the usb link to the computer. On the front, we find the headphone plugs, a microphone plug and a PTT push button.

See the yahoo group about this unit and the software modified by Christos to run this card with most of the SDR hardwares.

and the famous doc on line



FA-SDR-TRX  kit from DL2EWN, sold by Funkamateur (,  under following references :BX200 ( TRX ), BX202 ( 1W amp ), BX-026 (synthetiser with Si570 :FA-SY1), and BX-201 ( box : FA-Gehäuse zum FA-SDR-TRX) for a total cost around 240 Euro. This kit gives a 1 W SSB, CW, PSK, WSPR & co... ALL HF BANDS TRX from 160m to 10m, may be 6m ( didn't test) without any change of filter or any card
10W amplifier may be bought as a kit from DL2FI on QRPproject - easy to build and tune, it will work at first start.

The filter pcb is from the same source, to which I have added a 30 Mhz low pass filter as the kit has no filtering over 21Mhz.

The box has been ordered to the supplier of the FA-SDR kit. ( Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG) ref FR120-42-160-ME-SO for 18 €.



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