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One more site, from a ham who likes small boxes and short antennas

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Why this site : just to train the author with html and web site building, and give some ideas on subjects on which he works - No theorical page, just a few pictures - Sorry, but i just translated this home page, others are still in french, but you have the pictures...enjoy your reading and Request details to the author by Mail.

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Somewhere in Finistère between Brest and Roscoff,  North Brittany- 

Where is Pen Ar Bed ? !!!

Locator : IN88AQ


VINTAGE   A TEN TEC collection  The first transistorised QRP Tranceiver from the 70's and 80's ......    

manufacturer website    tentec logo

The PM3, the Argonaut 505 - 509 - 515 - 535 - Delta 580 - The Transverter 20m to 6 m 1208, and the 1210 transverter 10m to 2 m

HOME MADE Transceivers  
-  one monobander 20m SSB, 10 W analogic between 1978 and 1980
-  a SDR with kits US Softrock and a 10W amplifier inside     
-  another one  the  SDR2  FA-SDR
-  a third SDR with the integrated card STM32-SDR from Dave VE7PKE connected to the Ensemble RXTX sold by KB9YIG
-  also the small 80m transceiver MKARS80 SSB  5W for less than 100€ !
          see where to find a SDR kit ?       other kits

THE MOBILE STATION  with vintage equipments : an IC202 as a usb exciter, and a HX240 transverter to work on 20 m band and upper, 40 W in a heliwhip ECO antenna. Only One Ground point for all the circuit. The transverter is switch on or off through a relay excited with the power supply of the ic202.

REMOTE STATION    ......NEW    note (pdf)    listen a DX with ZL (MP3 from PA3CWN)
using the nice software project called ghpsdr3-alex with the Softrock - I can control my station through a private network link - Try it with the windows Qt client ! ( receiving only !)
Version 2 of the remote is made with a small economical ODROID card - Download the images of my SDcard from here ( updated for ODROID-X and ODROID-U2) to avoid the difficulty of a little bit complex linux configuration  ! Find also a note to help in building the solution yourself. how_to_build_notes
See the map of all the servers online.
and other software to test absolutely linux or windows: QUISK see my note to install on an ODROID board with Linaro Ubuntu 

QRP ... blu, psk, wspr, and cw sometimes.        =>

A funny digital mode WSPR to test...

with the Argonaut, Elecraft K1,the Rock-Mite,TS120v in mobile, the IC 202, and the home made rigs
ANTENNAS :  for the OM who has not a big area...  Vertical dipole, Small transmitting Loop, EH,full size loop ....

have a look on the antennas in use today  Antennas used at home today are made with wires for a restricted space: a vertical 19 m loop for 20m and over, 15m high, and a 17m*2 inverted V with top at 17m for lower bands - Mast is a OD 60/40mm aluminium tube going up to 17m. All feeders are made with 300 ohms twin lead from the matching boxes in the shack.


(an answer : have a look on a dream !!!)  
 my antennas



Experimental antennas for short space





The Vertical antennas

less than 2 Sq Inches!

a great antenna : vertical dipole : easy to build, low radiation angle, no noise, cheap,..






The STL or "magnetic loops"

Nice for European qso. I got 59 reports from Moscow with 5 w !

Very active on 40 with UK stn at lunch time..


> shack or show-room ?


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600 radios in the shack Soft66RF



Buy on Internet : my opinion.

Where to find a SDR radio ?

On the air : the shack



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